Huddersfield Leisure Centre is a place for everyone …

We are very proud of our new leisure centre for many reasons; one of the most important is that it has been designed to be easily accessible. This means that no matter what your needs are, it’s easy to move around the leisure centre and the facilities available can be used by everyone, including people with a physical or learning disability and people from different cultural groups.

Our leisure centre has been specifically designed with everyone in mind.

What makes our leisure centre so special?

We have exceeded the national standard requirements recommended by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

In addition, we have taken into consideration the design specifications recommended by Sport England, to make sure our centre is accessible and safe for everyone visiting or taking part in events and activities.

For example, the fire alarm system is an audible and visual safety system and safe areas have been included in fire escape routes. This means that if you or someone you care for has a disability, you can be quickly and safely evacuated from our centre in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Finding your way around our centre

The leisure centre entrance is near the subway so you can safely access the centre when travelling by foot, bus or train.

There is parking at the Springwood car park which costs £2.50 for up to five hours during the day from Monday to Saturday.

There are ten disabled parking spaces near the entrance to the centre. You can even park your mobility scooter inside the entrance.

Our reception area has been purposely designed to help people who use a wheelchair, who are deaf, or hard of hearing to be easily seen and served.

It has been sound checked to make sure that people who have speech impairments can be heard clearly and uses visual screens to get you to where you want to go, quickly and easily.

Our leisure centre is fully accessible for people who use a wheelchair.

The corridors and doors allow plenty of space to approach and easily get through.

There are easy-to-read signs that are located throughout. These direct customers to all the facilities including the sports halls, swimming pools, changing rooms, toilets and café.

A seated waiting area is available for people arriving early or meeting friends and there is also lots of spectator seating, where you can watch competitions, events or just take in the atmosphere of the leisure centre.

Changing rooms

We have accessible changing facilities and toilets throughout the Leisure Centre. Although similar to Changing Places, we have a dedicated changing room and toilet with hoist and moveable bed. Disabled people may be accompanied by one or more other person(s) who may be professional carers, support workers, personal assistants, partners, parents or other family members, friends or other companions.

All our changing rooms have easy access to showers. There are also a number of specific accessible changing rooms and toilets designed for people with a disability.

If you’re taking part in team games, team changing facilities are available. These can also be used for families and groups and one is fitted with a fixed ceiling hoist.

The larger unisex accessible changing cubicles include wash basins, shower, toilet, adjustable hanging bench and ceiling hoist.

It’s important to note that all our accessible changing rooms have emergency alarms – so you can rest assured there is help close at hand should you need it.

The combat area has a ceiling track hoist to allow disabled people to take part in martial arts and other leisure activities within this space.

Mobile hoists are also available and can be moved around the poolside offering easy access into the pool areas.

There are also fixed tip-up shower seats within the changing areas, a mobile shower chair and other equipment available to support customers with mobility issues to shower easily.

Please simply ask our friendly staff and they will do all they can to help you have an enjoyable visit.

Swimming pools and Splash Park

All our viewing areas for the swimming pools are accessible and easy to get to.

People with a disability can use the pools and specialist sessions are also available.

The training pool is a discrete area that isn’t overlooked – please ask staff about the different sessions available so that you can decide which would best suit your needs.

The swimming pools are easy to enter from the changing rooms with the leisure water having beached access, and the training pool and main pool having hydraulic flooring for ease of access.

There is plenty of choice around which changing rooms to use. There are large cubicles for people of either sex to use and these are particularly helpful if you are a carer of someone with a disability. All of our main changing rooms have hair dryers and the larger cubicle area is equipped with a body dryer. Mirrors are available with shelves for personal items.

Benching is available around the training pool to provide a place for you to rest before entering or after leaving the pool area.

To make sure our pools are accessible to you we have…

  • pool access steps
  • steps (built-in and portable) which are slip resistant and include hand rails
  • a platform lift, if you are unable to walk or have limited mobility. The platform is similar to a moveable pool floor providing a lift into the pool surround. This means you can enter and leave a pool with the minimum amount of help
  • portable hoists to help you into the pool
  • waterproof wheelchairs for convenient and easy access to and from the pools and for access to the leisure water if needed. The chairs are also suitable for pre and post-swim showering.

Our deck level pools reduce wave movement, making them more suitable for less able swimmers, including people who may have flotation difficulties.


Lockers are in all changing rooms and also outside the activity areas for those who choose to come along ready dressed for their chosen activity.

Lockers come in all different heights and sizes so that everyone can easily reach into them, including people who use a wheelchair.

We have larger lockers that can accommodate some mobility aids, for example, walking sticks and canes.

These are easy to operate for those with limited hand movement, using a £1 coin deposit which is returnable.

Each locker is clearly numbered with embossed numbering that can be read or felt.

Safe Places

Our centre is part of Mencap’s Safe Places scheme.

Sometimes when we go out something can happen and you need help but there is no one around to ask. You might have lost your bus pass or someone has been unkind and you feel upset and afraid. A Safe Place is somewhere you can go to for help if this ever happens to you.

Please ask our staff for more information about how to apply to receive a Safe Places card.

Parking and drop-off points

There is parking for disabled people with blue badges close to the main entrance and a drop off point located outside the main entrance on Merton Street.

If you need support getting into the centre please call 01484 766269 and our friendly staff will be happy to help.