You Said, We Did

Updated: 28-08-2015

You said: "We would like more Aqua Relax sessions, especially in the evenings "

We did: As of 1st September we have increased Aqua Relax day time sessions by 3 hours per week, and introduced a new session on a Wednesday evening 20.00 – 21.00

You said: "The training pool is too deep for non-swimmers during public swims"

We did: We have reviewed the pool depth and decreased it to 1.2 metres during public swim sessions

You said: "We have more than one child and would like to be able to take them to watch their siblings during their lessons in the Training Pool"

We did: KAL have reviewed this policy and children can now spectate on the poolside as long as they are accompanied by an adult

You said: "We would like to be able to swim with our family earlier on a Sunday morning"

We did: We have reviewed our Pool Programme, and as of 1st September the Training Pool will be open from 9am for public swimming

You said: "The pool is too deep for the Ladies Length swims"

We did: We have reviewed the pool programme, and will be introducing a Mainly Ladies swim with no lanes, and a pool depth of 1.3 metres.

You said: "The pool changing room floors are often dirty from people’s outdoor shoes"

We did: As of 1st September, we will be introducing a ‘No Outdoor Shoes’ policy in all of our wet changing areas

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You said: "I came in to use the Splash Park but it was fully booked."

We did: Advanced bookings can be made over the phone, and the Splash Park is now available to book online. Splash Park sessions start every 15 minutes, so if the session you want is fully booked we will offer you the next available start time.

You said: "The signage around the building is not clear enough, especially in the pool changing rooms."

We did: We have reviewed the signage around the building and will be making amendments to this as soon as possible to ensure it is clear to our customers.

You said: "There are no hooks in the disabled changing areas."

We did: We have now installed hooks in all disabled shower and changing areas.

You said: "We can’t book onto Teen Gym sessions."

We did: We have now trained more staff members to enable us to hold additional Teen Gym sessions. We have also made Teen Gym available to book online.

You said: "We would like music playing on poolside whilst we are swimming."

We did: We reviewed the music in line with customer feedback, and are now playing background music to compliment the pool programme.

You said: “The centre isn’t as clean as we thought.”

We did: Due to increased footfall we have increased the number of cleaning hours and sourced in contract cleaners. We are also putting an ad out for additional cleaning staff, please see our job page for more information about the vacancies.

You said: “I can’t get through on the phone.”

We did: As all our calls are directed through our contact centre we increased the number of staff by 70 hours a week. This has helped customers get through to a member of the team quicker.

You said: “I can’t tell when my card has swiped to get through the gates.”

We did: A traffic light system has been installed on the turnstiles. This means a green light will flash when you swipe your card and can access the facilities and a red light will flash if there is a problem with your card and you need to contact reception.

You said: “I have paid for parking but can’t get in the splash park.”

We did: We aim to put notices on the car parking meters when the splash park is fully booked. We also increased awareness through our social media channels. Why not follow us on Facebook /huddersfieldleisurecentre and on Twitter @kalcustomersvc

You said: “I don’t know where I am going.”

We did: We have designated meeters and greeters to help show people around; hopefully as people get more familiar with the building we can reduce this. We will also be reviewing signage in the future to help people get around the building.